Ever since I discovered AN in gr 7, i've always wanted to go and cosplay for fun~ but unfortunately, ever year something would come up and i would have to miss it ;__; sighh (i've only gone once in gr 8 but didn't cosplay.."orz)

Fortunately~ nothing's been blocking my schedule this year, so i'm really looking forward to going to AN 11!!! ^0^ I plan to cosplay with a group of friends as well and i'm tres excited for that :D

Our ideas? welll we first decided on gintama, but afriend's friend's cosplay group ended up doing that for MTAC 2011...wanting to be original, we decided to drop that idea and go with another anime series, an-chan wanted to save *his anime* for another time once we became more experienced, so we ended up agreeing on working!!

hehe :) it seems simple enough~ people working in a restaurant wearing waitress/chef uniforms, since its so simple, i think our main focus would be emphasizing the wigs, makeup, and props ^0^ kehehehe~


yachiyo todoroki: carol
mahiru inami/aoi yamada: me
hiroomi soma: gary
jun sato: anchan
hyougo otoo: berwin
sota takanishi: dillon

=) yep, thats our cosplay group for now~ 2 girls 4 guys

prep for AN:
- buy tickets @ early bird discount ;D
- book hotel
- buy wig
- make/buy costume?

i think thats all for now~ ^-^; gonna go back to studying >.< finals coming soon..>
じゃ~ばいばい ^0^

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mmm....on second thought, i've always wanted to cosplay, and since I'm a complete and total noob..I think i'll also use this blog to record my developing makeup/cosplay progress XD

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Hello ^-^

Hello~nice to meet ya~ :) I created this blog mainly for random rants, and photos...if you find anything interesting, have similar/common interests or would just like to be friends, feel free to drop by and say hi~ ^-^

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